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Play a Leading Role - Donate!

At Town Hall we feel gratitude every day for the support that we receive. As a nonprofit company, ticket sales and tuition cover perhaps two-thirds of our costs and the rest comes from donors. We strive to bring patrons and students ever-higher quality performances and education while never exceeding our resources. This is why donors have such an effect on the experience that each and every person has when they come in our doors. We thank you, and hope that this year you will continue to generously support Town Hall, and by extension, the performing arts and arts education for everyone in your community.

Town Hall Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID 94-6124107.


"Where does my donation go?"

Glad you asked!  Every dollar you donate goes toward continuing and building the top-quality programs you've come to expect from Town Hall Theatre.  It goes into our Main Stage productions, it goes into our Town Hall Education programs, plus it helps bring Music and special events to your neighborhood.


"My neighborhood?"

Yep.  Think of us as the 70-year-old block party that just keeps getting better.


"A block party?  Really?"

Umm... let's get back to the point.


"Yeah.  So, what's so great about Town Hall?"

Allow us to elaborate...


Town Hall's Main Stage Season

Over the past several seasons, Town Hall has upped their quality, bringing you the greatest of contemporary plays -- like Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Proof, and the Bay Area premiere of The Farnsworth Invention --  along side your favorite classics -- like Pygmalion, Twelfth Night, The Rainmaker, and It's a Wonderful Life.

Also, we attract some of the greatest acting, directing, and designing talent from around the bay to your doorstep - terrific talent from theatres like Berkeley Rep, Cal Shakes, CenterREP, and many more.


"Sounds good.  What else have you got?"

Hold on, we haven't even warmed up yet.


Town Hall Education

Town Hall has offered award-winning education programs since the 1950's, and we're going strong because of a mix of terrific Teaching Artists and pure kid energy. ... Well, that and your donations.  Costumes, sets, props, teachers, performance rights to plays, lighting -  Your donation goes a long way to helping a young performer get a head-start on the road to success.

THE alumni have gone on to top-notch performing arts schools like UCLA, NYU, RADA, and OSA.  Our students also take classes at A.C.T., Cal Shakes, and Young REP, and still keep coming back to Town Hall.


"That all sounds great.  Is there more?"

More than amazing theatre and some of the best theatre education in the area?  You bet!


Music Series

If you're into great local music, we've got you covered!  For four years running, we've rounded up the best Lamorinda has to offer for the Lafayette Community Music Festival.  We played host to top-tier talent like Vampire Weekend and Nicki Bluhm is becoming a regular.  Drew Harrison -- with and without The Sun Kings -- also visits our stage regularly, and that's just a sampling of the outstanding musical acts that Town Hall has brought to your community.



"Wow.  That's a lot for one place."

I know, right?  It's like taking a trip to The City without having to go to The City.  No bridge.  No tunnel. No BART.  Just fun.


"How can I keep this going?"

With just three easy steps.  Step one:  .  Step two:  check out what's new at Town Hall.  Step three:  tell your friends. Repeat as necessary.


"Sounds easy."

Oh, it is.


"Well, I got to get going."

Take it easy.  We should do this again!  Real quick, though; if you don't want to donate online you can always mail your donation in.  Just make your check payable to:

Town Hall Theatre

3535 School St.

Lafayette, CA 94549

Thanks for your donation and your time.

© Town Hall Theatre