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Our Donors, Sponsors and Partners

Our Donors, Sponsors and Partners keep the show going every month of the year - the plays, music, classes and events all happen because of their support. We could not do it without them.

Thank you to everyone who helped us MAKE our year-end match!!


Community Partners and Sponsors:

Ravenswood Winery

Cake Lafayette

Campolindo High School

Central Self Storage

DoGood Vines

Diablo Foods

Diablo Nursery

Drama Association of Rossmoor

Lafayette Community Foundation

East Bay Community Foundation

Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

Lafayette Rotary

Lamorinda Pizza

Mechanics Bank


Paxti's Pizza

Whole Foods

Venture Quality Goods




$1,000 and up


In Memory of Juniper Marley Allen

Forrest Cioppa

Linda Drucker and Larry Prozan

Eva and George Duesler

Robert McFarlane and Elizabeth Streeter

Tom and Karen Mulvaney

Norm and Janet Pease

Diane and Hal Steuber

Ed and Betty Stokes/Diablo Foods

In Honor of Betsy Streeter


Up to $999

Norman Correia

Charles and Kristen Correll

Mary Cosola and Kevin L. Jackson

The Daum Family

Clay Englar

Murray Sandford/Moz Designs


Up to $499

Geoff and Sally Bellenger

The Blake/Gilson Family

In Honor of Liam Callister

Jacqueline Carson and Alan Cox

Louis and Antoinette Ciapponi

Kathy and Stan Ferber

Frank and Mary Grannis

Karen and George Kalvass

Warren Peter McClure

Nick and Gina Mickas

David B Tuckerman

In Honor of Clive Worsley


Up to $249







Richard Alexander

Cecilia Alagappan

Brooke Allen

Kristen Altbaum

The Atwood Family

In Honor of Noah Baldwin

Tanya Barnard

E.A. Barron

Robert Barter

Darrell Belt

Nancy and Lawrence Beliveau

Gwen Bertolami

In Honor of Hannah Birch-Carl

Bernadette Bitton

Kelvin Booty

Mehrnaz Boroumand-Smith and Brian Smith

Kathleen and Richard Bowles

Scott and Lulu Braunstein

Lewis Bremer IV

Richard Brown

Steven and Jeanna Brown

David Brubaker

Kristina Buck

Julie Cahill

Vanessa Capino

Kim Carr

Helene and Norman Cavior

James and Francesca Cervantes

George and Carol Chaffey

Elizabeth and Matthew Chaney

Sandra Cioppa

Carol and William Chiasson

Carol Clark

In Memory of Enid Cohen

Brenda Cooley

Patrick Corcoran

Kurt and Bonnie Cornell

In Honor of Megan and Shannon Crane

Christopher Crespi

Jennifer Crossland

Clare Cummings

Jackie Darnell Svensson

Naomi Davis

Dave Decosta

Kathleen Degiobbi

Ray Bland and Ann Denny

John and Tammy DePasquale

Carol and Edward Dewey

Daniel Doporto

Ann Dzuna

Barbara and Hassan El-Baroudi

Troy Feddersen

In Honor of Charles Fisher

Harold and Jennifer Friedman

Gary Fryer

Laura Gaffney

Don Green and Laurel Gaiser

Darlene and Dennis Gee

David and Carol George

Ina Giambalvo

Karen Gibson

Natalie Gionet

Robert and Pauline Gould

Janet and Dennis Govan

Susan Griffin

The Greif Family

Eileen Guichard

Steve and Tish Harwood

Joyce Hawkins

Virginia and Michael Hazlewood

Stephanie Helm

Robert and Jane Hoffmann

Barbara and William Holmes

Dan and Lisa Hoskins

Michelle Ianiro Ianiro Productions

The Isaacs Family

Nikolene Isely

David Iventosch

Sandra Jamieson

In Honor of Joel and Ginny

Jena Johynson

Joan Jones

Charles and Melissa Johnston

Bruce and Nancy Kaufman

Peter Kappelhof

Keith Kappmeyer

Bruce Kaufman

Chelsea Keenan

Debbie Kennedy

Scott Kirkman

Claire Kurkjian

Michelle Lane

Peter and Sharon Lingane

Yinmei Liu

Shirlee Loret

Shirlee Loret

Robert Lovelace

Teresa Lynch

Kaisa Lyon

The Mader Family

Annmarie Maione

Robert Marrone

Richard and Kathleen Marshall

Kristin Martindale

Warren Peter McClure

Sessely McDaniel

Sandra McGonigle

Virginia Merrifield

Margit Michlmayr

Colette Black and Robert Miller

Gayle Miner

The Morse Family

Theron F Nelson

The Noal Family

Emi Nock

Kathleen Nolan

John Northrup

Carol Olson

Patrick O'Reilly, Ph.D.

Stephanie O'Toole

Chris Panero

Ina Pavey

Katherine Pelensky

Beth Pennington

Phil Peterson

Michael and Judith Piazza

Leslie and Sue Polgar

Regina Pope

Thomas Preston

Chie Roberts

Kellie Roberts

Ginny Wehrmeister and Joel Roster

Ray Russell

Parinaz Sadrieh

Elizabeth Sandoval

Rick and Casey Sasner

Linda Savell

Dennis Saxon

Linda Schneider

Ruth and Jack Sechler

Patricia Sharaf

Kay Sibary

Danielle Signorella

Betsy Smith

Virginia Smith

Rory and Linca Snyder

Richard Staaf

Tom and Kiki Stack

Virginia Stahl

Monty Stanford

Margaret Stithem

Clark and Kathleen Streeter

George and Madeline Swartz

Sharon and Hugh Tama

Eric and Jennifer Tejada

Marcy Terry

Amber Thompson

Paul and Pauline Thompson

Jennifer Torres

Alfred Twyford

David Van Etten

Robert Van Galder

Harlan and Gail Van Wye

Betty Wass

Jennifer Weilbach

Joan Whitehead Latta

Peter and Ann Whitehead

Allan and Margaret Wickstrom

Sharon Williams

James and Gerri Wohltmann

Margaret Worden

Vicky Yancey


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