Empowering an ensemble of storytellers to connect, empathize and commit.

A Note from the Director of Education Madison Gerringer:

Town Hall Education is dedicated to providing students of all ages with high quality, engaging, and fun theatrical experiences. We strive to make sure each child develops access to their own voice through theatrical expression. In our classes and in our building we have built a strong and welcoming community. We hope you can come experience that feeling and be a part of our community. 

Town Hall Education is the education department at Town Hall Theatre Company in Lafayette. THEd is a process-based program committed to serving students from pre-school age through adulthood. Our core values are empowerment, connection and empathy, trust, collaboration, creativity and commitment. We believe all of these lessons can be learned through theatre education and applied in every day life. At Town Hall, students delve deep into the true meaning of ensemble.

--Madison Gerringer
Director of Education
Office:  925.283.6673

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