The 3 P's of Town Hall Theatre Co.


When your first born child is about to leave for college and a theatre company asks you to join their team, you say, Yes!  Over the years I have discovered that the Bay Area theatre community is filled with People who say, Yes!  Heck, my first day at Town Hall Theatre Co. I watched a director adjust an ensemble member to a lead role! This opportunity happened because this actor said, Yes!, to Town Hall Theatre Co. and an ensemble role a month ago, and another actor said, Yes! to the offer of ensemble! So much, Yes! in one day! People really want to work at Town Hall Theatre Co.! And how grateful we all were to welcome each and every one of those actors to our company of actors! (The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance is a fantastic legend that will open our 2016/17 season with a major BANG!) One might ask why I said, Yes! to Town Hall Theatre Co.? It's really quite simple. Town Hall Theatre Co. has a solid set of the 3 P's!

1.) People

The artistic staff are diversely talented in acting, directing, teaching, carpentry, and programming! They are the REAL quintuple threats! (Is that a thing?) The students from preschool to high school who fill (to capacity...think waiting list) the building from 3-6:30pm, daily make our youth performances worth top billing in our season! The local PTA parents from Springhill Elementary who bring our education program to their students and every parent who carpools and makes snacks for our students make up our, People. The parents are not only enthusiastic about theatre education, but also our MainStage season where they are regular audience members! And finally, the board of directors who serve on working committees are a part of the People who fill Town Hall Theatre Co.! They write grants, coordinate music and comedy nights and tirelessly work front of house and concessions as volunteers. There is no technology that can handle the work that the People of Town Hall Theatre Co. accomplish. I want to serve these People!

2.) Place

Town Hall Theatre Co. is a community gathering space in the heart of the Lamorinda community. In our world of online gathering, Town Hall Theatre Co. provides an actual place for people to create, grow and gather face-to-face, in celebration of performing art, life long learning, and local leisure activity. In spite of needing some upgrading and aesthetic maintenance, this 100 year old building allows this theatre company to offer at least 4 main stage shows and special music/comedy events per season. During my tenure I will continue to expand upon Joel Roster's (outgoing Artistic Director) idea of a "pre-show gather" in our lobby. Our lobby is a Place where the community can meet up with friends or make new ones all while listening to live music and having lite bites and drinks! I want to serve this Place!

2.) Programming

Town Hall Theatre Co., despite the downturn in the economy in 2008, has managed to remain fiscally solvent and operates under a strict budget to ensure that programming is of the highest quality while remaining very lean in its execution of needed expenses. That being said, based on this high quality programming, Town Hall Theatre Co. was recognized as Best Theatre Troupe by the, 2016 Best of The East Bay list in Diablo Magazine and staged two TBA Recommended plays in the 2015/16 season! The music and comedy programming continually sell out. And our education department programs, skill based learning as well as full scale MainStage performances for our students!  All of this while, increasing subscribers by adding a musical (Joel Roster took this risk that has paid of artistically!) to each season and offering a flex pass for those who don't want to commit to four shows! I want to serve this Programming!

So, here I am, day two, and I am beyond thrilled to serve this theatre company and join their team! I have spent the last 24 hours affirming what I knew to be true about Town Hall Theatre Co., and its 3 P's! And now you know too! So, come visit us, audition, take a class, see as show, donate, join our board and just experience for yourself the People, the Place and the Programming that make this 100 year old building truly special!