Can a Brit write a western?


We think our audiences will be surprised to discover that our season opener, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, (Oct. 1-22) was written by a British playwright. After immersing himself in the world of westerns via a computer game, films and an original short story, Jethro Compton took on the task of adapting this story to stage! He is quick to point out that it is very different than the popular film under the same name. In an interview with Pardon My French, Compton admits that, he's only spent "a week in Missouri." Despite not having first hand experience in the western territory, Compton brings to life the vivid essence and grit of a handful of characters living in a cinematic type legend. Compton focuses on the humanity of these western archetypes and uses their daily struggle as a reminder of larger issues of social justice, hope, and longing for a better life. In 2014, Compton's, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance received critical acclaim and wowed Off-West End audiences at the Park Theatre Cafe Bar in London! They couldn't get enough of our American Old West! This small theatre, similar in size to our own Town Hall Theatre, produced a close and personal production that thrust these well built and compelling characters into the laps of the viewers.

Jethro Compton has painted a story of cinematic scope in, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and has expanded his work with westerns by writing a trilogy that he has now put onto film. Town Hall Theatre is proud to share the work of this talented writer, director and producer on our stage. We hope to see you this October and hear what you think of this legend! for tickets!

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