Ever wonder how a scenic designer gets inspiration?


Brian Watson has shared a few pieces of inspiration that have taken our season opener, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, (Oct 1-22, 2016) from concept to stage! We have hired him to design our entire season and we think his work alone is worth the price of admission! First, Brian looks to historical archives for images of real people living in the time frame of our setting. In his design, Brian wanted to be sure that he was, "giving the audience a sense of this wild time and place in our history. Giving something that feels real, tangible and dangerous while still keeping it theatrical."


Second, Brian looks to pieces of history that are still standing, like The Castle Dome Mining Museum in Yuma, Arizona!


Next, Brian discovers textures, colors and composition for his design. He explains that, "from seeing what people have done in the past with this story we are definitely "breaking it apart" a bit more than usual."


Finally, after collaboration with the Director, Technical Director and other artistic staff, Brian presents a completed design! When discussing what makes Town Hall's set stand out from other productions, Brian says, "from a visual stand point, we are not giving a "living history" story. As the set designer I am bringing more of a surrealist approach to the world than I have seen in past productions."


A sneak peek from our earlier stage of construction!


We asked Brain what’s going to surprise people about this show? He states, "Even though this is a gun-slinging Western with all of our classic Western archetypes, this show kind of turns some of them on end. It isn't a stereotypical "hero rides into town to rescue the damsel-in-distress from the mustache twirling villain."

Learn more about our 2016/17 Season Designer, Brian Watson:

Brian is thrilled to return to Town Hall after set designing Harvey and Play It Again, Sam last season. He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from CSU Sacramento and also works as an actor, vocalist, vocal instructor and scenic artist. Notable scenic designs include Les Miserables, Bridges, The Andrew’s Brothers, Next to Normal, Love & Information, Reefer Madness, The Little Mermaid, Almost Maine, Inventing van Gogh, Language Archive, and Intimate Apparel. Some of the companies in which Brian has designed for also include Capital Stage, Sacramento Theatre Company, Berkeley Playhouse, Lucky Penny Producitons, Bay Area Musicals, Big Idea Theatre, New Helvetia Theatre, and Stockton Civic Theatre. https://brianwatsondesign.weebly.com