Lawlessness and the Fear of Change...


"Your equality and legislation ain't good for my business." This quote by the villain, Liberty Valance in our season opener, can definitely resonate with modern day sentiment during this election year. Our show, which closes this weekend, is set in 1895 and deals with the struggle of good vs evil, the clashing of values and the resistance to change on the American home front. The playwright has crafted so eloquently some of the best lines of storytelling to draw you into the past and experience a piece of fictional American history! (See our teaser video created by one of our actors in the show, Erin Gould.)

"They came here for gold, hope, liberty. And liberty's exactly what they're gonna get." When you come to Town Hall and see, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, you are taken back to a crossroads of  values where "lawlessness" ruled and people solved problems based simply on a fair fight and survival instincts.


"You can't fight it forever Valance. You can try and scare off someone every now and then-you might win a few rounds-but the law will come here, government will come here. Whether you like it or not."

Join us this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for your last chance to see who shot Liberty Valance....