Town Hall as a Sacred Space.

People watching, community creating and escape from the hustle; at Town Hall Theatre we aspire to gather people in our 102 year old barn style building where our theatre is housed. Town Hall is the oldest continuously active theatre in Contra Costa County. By operating in our own performance space, Town Hall Theatre has been able to whether the economic storms that have caused other companies to close. However, without your help through generous donations, we would not be able to maintain our day to day operations in the building.

"Theatre is the place where the life of a society is shown in public to that society, where that society’s assumptions are exhibited and tested, its values are scrutinized, its myths are validated, and its traumas become emblems of reality. It is a public event, and it is about matters of public concern." (John McGrath, 1983)


"Venerable old Town Hall, has been serving as a social and entertainment hall since it was built in 1914. In its earliest days it was the scene of many dances – affairs that were so popular crowds drove out from Berkeley and Oakland or rode the Sacramento-Northern special train which returned in the early morning hours." (Lafayette


Town Hall as a building has sustained earthquakes, recovered from floods and closed down for necessary structural repairs over the years. We continue to use your donations to keep this historic building safe and operating.

Looking for good people-watching? We have our own lobby where we host patrons, offer pre show events and create signature drinks to enjoy while you gather face to face. According to David R. Kilpatrick, "The theatre lobby provides humans the opportunity to connect with others, the past, the present and even the potential."

"Theatre designers and historians, cultural historians, and performance theorists have suggested that a theatre lobby may have a significant impact on the theatre-going experience." ~David R. Kilpatrick

We hold this space sacred and open our doors with smiles and warmth. We hope you remember to donate to Town Hall Theatre during this season of giving. We need to reach our goal of $100,000.00 in order to make next year a success and take the next step!