Lafayette's Community Music Festival, is NOT About The Cover Bands


Town Hall Theatre considers itself lucky to have Tom and Kiki Stack as loyal music producers who keep its hall rockin' in between main stage and theatre education productions. On April 29, 2017, one music event tops them all, it's the Annual Lafayette Community Music Festival. This festival, which is in it's seventh year, and organized by volunteer Kiki Stack,  brings together some of the best musical talent in the area to donate their time for one night of accoustic music in a benefit for Town Hall Theatre and its theatre education program. 17972091_1285587308228152_3834721847240263914_o

Kiki Stack who volunteers countless hours for this event, pulls together an epic blend of variety and originality from the musicians at the festival. She offers a sampling of styles and instruments that will suit every type of music lover!

Kiki is no stranger to the music industry. She is a singer/songwriter and performs regularly with her band,  Dream Posse. After making a living in the music industry for many years, Kiki jumped at the opportunity to produce a community music festival as a means to give back to her hometown venue that brings live music and entertainment to Lamorinda's back yard!

Don't miss the line up on April 29! CAROOMPAS ROOM, HARRISON FLYNN WAY FATT REUNION a tribute to Steve Swan & Steve Sage, KATY LAWRENCE ACOUSTIC TRIO, and MEG MERRY & THE LOCUST STREET BAND!17951476_1290076851112531_2128387832329901263_n

We sat down with Kiki to talk about the festival, and here is what she had to say:

What sort of person is going to love this show?

Anyone who that enjoys a variety of music style. We will have acoustic music, eclectic musical instruments, styles ranging from country, to pop, to celtic, R&B and soul in an intimate setting. The audience will experience a wide variety of styles.

What’s challenging about pulling together a community music festival like this?

Coordinating this event requires a good relationship with local entertainers, understanding their music and talents, and applauding their commitment to community needs.

Why did you want to be involved/create the LCMF?18011154_1556967034315543_6231298147753559764_n

Creating this event supports the theatre and it’s programs, of course, and also supports live local music in a great venue. It’s a win win!

How is the LCMF bringing something new/unique to Town Hall Theatre or Lamorinda?

They will have experienced some local musicians they may have never had a chance to hear before. They’ll hear new songs they never heard, old songs they love, and have a special appreciation of the theatre, and the wealth of talent in our area. It’s showcasing the theatre as an intimate music venue, and it’s perfect for that.

What’s going to surprise people about this show?

People will be surprised at the variety in this show. Acoustic and electric guitars, electric violin and stand up bass, blues, soul, country, pop. There are singer/songwriters in this show. It’s not about cover bands. It’s fresh! There’s something for everybody.

Call out someone by name who must come see the LCMF?

Jay Lifson and Brian Aiello should come see this show. These groups should be considered for the Art and Wine Festival as an alternative to tribute bands on every stage.

What other projects are currently working on or have planned for future?17917136_1285573651562851_2599592075116339085_o

I am a singer/songwriter myself with my band Dream Posse. We combine our original music with favorite covers. We will be showcasing our newly released album at Town Hall Theatre September 2, 2017. I will continue to support the theatre in any way I can. I will also continue to support live local music in our community.

What is your favorite part of being involved with the LCMF?

My favorite thing about LCMF is being a music lover! In this case, fun and hard work are synonymous. I don’t think people understand what goes into a single performance let alone a multiple performance show.


What makes your job as a musician and/or LCMF organizer fun?

Rehearsals, set up, sound, advertising, communicating all details to the performers and making sure they have what they need. The list details goes on. All I can say is, Tom and I love volunteering for LCMF, bringing what we feel is a special show to the community.