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75 years is a remarkable achievement in any company, but especially for a nonprofit theatre. To mark this occasion, we are offering supporters the chance to make a lasting impact on Town Hall in our 2019-2020 season and beyond!

Sponsor a Show or Program

A single contribution of $1000 or more to a Stage production, an Education class, a Music or Comedy event, or any one of our special events is a way to celebrate our 75th season!

Become a Sustaining Member
A sustaining member gift can help Town Hall plan for the future!

Plan a Legacy

Consider including Town Hall Theatre in your estate plans. Whether that means leaving money in your will or trust to Town Hall Theatre, or making a retirement plan or insurance policy designation, your support means your community will continue to be enriched by the experience of quality live theatre. For more information, please contact Dennis Markam, Managing Director of Town Hall Theatre at Dennis.Markam@TownHallTheatre.com

Act On Your Passion!


As a patron we know live theatre matters to you. Theatre connects community, and you are a fundamental part of our community, as an audience member, a fellow performer, a theatre-maker, a student, a volunteer, and, importantly, a donor. At Town Hall Theatre, we want you to ACT ON YOUR PASSION and do your part to contribute to this very special place: Please consider making a donation today.


On any given day, Town Hall is fueled by PASSION: one Main Stage show is rehearsing, while another show is holding auditions; and Education classes run back to back from pre-kindergarten to high school students. Our technical director is out in the back cutting lumber while his assistant paints the floor. The production manager is tackling a scheduling matrix while handling communications with designers and actors. Box office hums with patron activity, and the house manager arrives to get the lobby ready for another sold-out music event.

But it takes more than PASSION to keep Town Hall running. Combined, tickets and tuition only cover 68% of our annual costs. It's important to us and our mission that we keep ticket and tuitions costs low to keep our performances and classes accessible to all. And that's where you come in!

Did you know that it costs us:

-$80 for a special Conrad Birdy puppet for Bye Bye Birdie;

-$150 for the mylar on the ceiling for The Revolutionists;

-$1,409 per month to pay our rent on our beautiful historic Lafayette landmark;

-$4,800 programs for our Main Stage productions

-$15,000 annually to sustain our Education Financial Aid program;

-$20,000 to mount a production on our Main Stage (make that $30,000 if it's a musical!);

From $25 to $25,000, every contribution makes a difference to our sustainability and our growth. When you volunteer, when you purchase a ticket or subscription, and when you contribute, YOU enrich your community and become part of our Town Hall.

THANK YOU for sharing your PASSION!

P.S. Your contribution before December 31st helps us to launch next year's 75th Season!

We have wonderful rewards for our donors of all levels, as a small thank-you for your 100% tax-deductible donations!

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DONATE NOW or feel free to send a check via US mail to:

Town Hall Theatre Company

3535 School Street

Lafayette, CA 94549